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Thank you for choosing to tutor with InstaTutors!

We appreciate your desire to make the world a better place by providing students with opportunities to learn and overcome their struggles.

This Crash Course should provide you with sufficient information to becoming to successful tutor. Make sure to read it all the way through, and contact Nitin, Sam or Alex if you have any questions afterwards.

Creating an Account

1. Obtain an instatutors.org email address. You need to contact Nitin to do this, since he is the one who can create these emails. This is simply a redirect to your normal email address, but it is the way our software verifies you are a tutor.

2. Create an InstaTutors account at instatutors.org/login. Make sure you use your new instatutors.org email.

3. Follow the instructions on the site -- verify your email, and fill in your personal information. Once you have done so, you should see the tutee interface, because you have not been verified as a tutor yet on the database. However, this means you successfully created your account.

4. Contact Sam so he can make you a tutor on the database, and he will notify you when you're good to go. Also make sure to let Nitin or Sam know which subjects you are approved to tutor. Now, you should be able to see requests and questions.

5. Create an appear.in account at appear.in, and create a room with the link appear.in/firstname-lastname, substituting your name in for the firstname and lastname. Once you do so, go to the your room and click the lock at the top. This will lock your room, and keep out unwanted guests.

6. Lastly, make sure to fill in your bio and appear.in link under the "my account" section. Once you do so, let Sam or Nitin know, and we will put you on the "tutors" page.

General Overview of the InstaTutors Software

A student (tutee) will create an account and request a session through our website. They have the option of requesting a specific tutor.

Once they book the session, it will send them a confirmation booking email and it will send tutors who have subjects in common with the request an email.

If the request matched your subjects, you will be able to see the request under "All Requests".

Students can also ask questions via the "ask a question" feature. We guarantee a 2 hours response time, and you will be notified by email if someone asks a question. If you are able to answer, please do. You can see all pending questions in the "All Questions" section.

Accepting a Session + Before the Session

If you are able to accept a session, click the small checkmark on the session. An alert box will pop up asking you to confirm that you can take a session. Remember, once you accept a session, you cannot back out of the session except in an absolute emergency.

If the tutee has requested a specific tutor, do NOT take that session until you have given the requested tutor 3 days to claim it. If by that point it is still available, you can claim that session.

After you accept the session, the session will show up in your "upcoming sessions" section, under "my account".

Click the email icon on the upper right hand side of the session, to send an email to your tutee. There will be a templated email, but be sure to fill in missing/additional information as necessary. Click "send email" when you are done.

In the days prior to the tutoring session, be prepare to answer any questions from your tutee via email, and consider preparing for your session by reviewing the material you plan to go over.

Session Protocol

Dress appropriately! While we are tutors, we are professionals. Do not show up in a sports uniform or a crop top. The way each and everyone of you act reflects all of us, so make sure to wear appropriate clothes.

Watch your language. Younger kids can be frustrating to work with sometimes, and when people don’t understand a concept, it is not your job to berate them. Again we are professionals, be respectful, be patient, and the amazing things that you give back to people will come back around.

Please make sure you are on the video call 5 minutes before your scheduled time. If the room is locked, you are the only person allowed inside, and we don't want to have our tutee’s waiting.

During the session, make sure you are not just lecturing, but actively making sure the tutee understands the concepts. We suggest using an online whiteboard, like AWWAPP, which lets you drag and drop pictures as well.

In general, make sure the tutee is comfortable with asking questions, and leaves the session with a better understanding of the material than before.

End the tutoring session when your student has no further questions, or if you reach the time limit (1.5 hours). Make sure to make yourself available for follow-up questions.

The session will show up in your "past sessions" section, where there is yet another mail icon. Click on this to send a recap email, but make sure you actually fill in the recap. The email also includes a link to a feedback form, and asks the tutee to rate you.

You as a tutor signed up to help people and kids around the world. Get connected with your students, and feel free to occasionally talk about unrelated hobbies and activities. We want you to develop a wonderful relationship with each and every one of your tutee’s, so make sure you are engaging with them.

Once again thank you for choosing to tutor with us, and we appreciate your desire to change the world. Good luck tutoring, and we will be here every step of the way!